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Scrap Metal – Public Consultation

Roy has launched a public consultation document, which aims to gather feedback on the idea of further legislating scrap metal dealers, in order to help combat the problem of metal theft. The consulatation was open for responses from 22nd November 2013 until 1st Feburary 2014 – this period has now closed.

The PSNI produced “Metal Theft in Northern Ireland: Quarterly Update to 31st March 2013” outlines a slight overall reduction in the figures of reported metal theft, however it is startling that in the first quarter of 2013, the PSNI report that 299 reported burglary, robbery and theft offences include listed property items as metal.

It is therefore apparent that the theft of metal for sale as scrap is a lucrative business and action must be taken in order to help combat this.

Roy said;

“It is my intention to propose a Bill which makes provision for the further regulation of scrap metal dealers in Northern Ireland. There has been significant cost to private individuals, churches, schools, public and private bodies as a result of stolen metal. At present there is no legislative requirement for those dealing in scrap metal to provide an audit trail and prevent stolen property from being traded. The proposed Scrap Metal Dealers Bill (NI) is an attempt to rectify this. As part of the legislative process I am required to consult with interested parties. I thank all those who took the time to complete the consultation and I am now working to analyse the responses. A copy of the consultation paper is avaiable for your information below.”

A copy of the proposed schedule of proscribed offences that would prohibit the granting of a scrap metal licence is available for download here:

Proposed Schedule 1 of the Scrap Metal Dealers Bill

A paper version of the consultation document is available for download here:

Scrap Metal Dealers Consultation Document

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