Beggs calls for all MLAs to seek urgent modifications to Northern Ireland Protocol

Beggs calls for all MLAs to seek urgent modifications to Northern Ireland Protocol

Roy Beggs, the Ulster Unionist MLA who on Friday submitted a petition seeking an early return of the Assembly to discuss and highlight the difficulties being experienced by businesses and consumers as a result of the Northern Ireland Protocol, has called for all MLAs to support urgent modifications to improve the lot of Northern Ireland businesses and consumers.

Roy Beggs MLA said:

“At this stage, how you voted in the Referendum does not matter. The UK Government and the EU are now implementing BREXIT. Some were fully supportive of the Northern Ireland protocol as a result of BREXIT. However that was before the detailed NI Protocol was put into effect and the difficulties for our haulage and logistics sector became apparent. That was before businesses experienced difficulties in receiving their orders. That was before some of our supermarket shelves became bare and many online retailers either stopped shipping to Northern Ireland or added considerable delivery costs.

“So, I ask all MLAs to support the recall petition, whether they supported or opposed BREXIT, whether they originally supported the rigorous introduction of the NI Protocol or not. We all have a duty to local businesses and our constituents to seek practical modifications of the NI Protocol to minimise the adverse effect on the Northern Ireland economy and consumers. The Northern Ireland Executive needs to work together for the benefit of all our citizens and press the Prime Minister to seek modifications to the NI Protocol before further damage occurs to the local economy.”


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