Beggs Challenges Dickson on Alliance’s Anti-British Stance

Following the anti-British stance by Anna Lo MLA, the Alliance Party’s European Candidate, Roy Beggs MLA has challenged Stewart Dickson, their Party Chief Whip to clarify whether he condemns or supports this anti-British stance and the preference expressed for a United Ireland.

Roy Beggs MLA said, “I find it insulting that the Alliance Party European Candidate states that she is ‘anti-colonial’ and I would question her irrational view that Northern Ireland would be ‘better placed economically, socially and politically’ in a United Ireland.

The Alliance Party had been vague regarding their view on remaining within the United Kingdom.  However, this outburst by their European candidate using words such as ‘colonial’ is more akin to the views of Irish Nationalism. I and the many British Citizens in Northern Ireland who wish to remain part of the United Kingdom find this language insulting.

Northern Ireland has huge economic, social and political links with the rest of the United Kingdom.  We are fortunate to be part of one of the strongest economies in Europe and indeed the World and benefit considerably from financial subvention from the rest of the United Kingdom.

We also benefit from the NHS and unlike in the Republic of Ireland we do not have to pay 50 euros to visit a GP or 100 euros to visit an Accident and Emergency Unit.

I would challenge Stewart Dickson and Anna Lo to justify the anti-British stance taken and ask them to explain how we would be ‘better placed economically, socially and politically’ in a United Ireland.  I would also be interested to know if they will be re-designating themselves as Nationalists within the Northern Ireland Assembly to reflect the view that has been expressed.”

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