Beggs Contacts Translink About Overcrowding on Early Morning Larne Line Trains

Ulster Unionist MLA Roy Beggs has again contacted Translink in relation to overcrowding on early morning commuter trains on the Larne Line, following complaints about the early morning service and a lack of capacity.

Mr Beggs MLA said “I contacted Translink at the start of the month advising that I have been contacted by constituents who are concerned at the overcrowding on some of the early morning commuter trains travelling on the Larne Line into Belfast.  I understand that on a number of occasions 6 car set has not been available and as a result commuters have suffered overcrowding or being left behind in particular at Whiteabbey Railway Station.

The UUP MLA also asked:  “when Translink will be able to provide the necessary 6 cars set on a regular basis on the Larne Line to meet the growing demand for their service.  I am aware that some commuters are being put off by the unreliability of the current service and are even reverting back to road transport.”

“The overcrowding and insufficient amount of carriages was evident yet again this morning on the 7:30 am Whitehead train, so I am keen to get feedback as to when we can expect there to be a consistent 6 carriage service available to Larne Line users.  To this end, I have contacted Translink for a second time this month to get answers.”

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