Beggs Lobbies for Road Safety Measures at Marshallstown Road junction

East Antrim Ulster Unionist Party MLA Roy Beggs has welcomed the priority given to improve the safety of the junction at Marshallstown/ Beltoy Road, near Carrickfergus.

Roy Beggs MLA explained:
“There have been a series of traffic accidents at the junction of Marshallstown and Beltoy Road near Carrickfergus in recent months. Property damage has occurred, but I am very concerned that if measures are not taken to deter speeding on both roads, a more serious accident could happen. I recently brought this situation to the direct attention of Danny Kennedy, the Minister for Regional Development, and am pleased to have received a positive response.”

DRD Roads Service installed high visibility direction signing and anti-skid surfacing material 11 years ago. However a collision on 8th January this year has resulted in damage to the direction signs and high visibility backing boards. These are being replaced and as an interim measure additional marker posts have been installed to highlight the junction.

In correspondence to Mr Beggs, the Minister has added:
“I have asked my officials in Roads Service to consider the replacement of the high friction surface on the approach to the junction. This may require removal of a section of the existing carriageway surfacing to provide a suitable foundation for this material. This work will now be prioritised and programmed, subject to the availability of funding.”

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