Beggs supports Energy Saving Week 2017

East Antrim Ulster Unionist Party MLA Roy Beggs has added his support to the Energy Saving Trust’s 17th annual Energy Saving Week.

Mr Beggs said “Homes in Northern Ireland could save nearly £7m per year by simply draught proofing windows and doors in their properties. Additional measures such as insulating pipes, upgrading heating controls, getting a new boiler and topping up your hot water cylinder, loft and wall insulation will save you money. You can also reduce electricity bills by avoiding standby and turning devices off, turning lights off, line drying clothes and choosing energy efficient appliances.”

Grants are available in Northern Ireland to help with some of these measures. The Government run an affordable warmth scheme which may provide a package of energy-efficiency and heating measures if your household income is less than £20,000. The NIHE boiler replacement scheme also offers up to £1,000 grants for owner occupiers seeking to replace boiler to energy efficient oil or gas boilers, to switch from oil to gas or to switch to a wood pellet boiler, dependent on income and boiler efficiency.


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