Infrastructure Minister`s opposition to the Connectivity Review is bizarre – Beggs

Roy Beggs MLA, Ulster Unionist Infrastructure spokesperson, has expressed his disappointment at the Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon`s response to the UK wide Connectivity Review.

Mr Beggs said:

“I am very disappointed by the Infrastructure Minister`s response to the Union Connectivity Review. Nichola Mallon should be taking off her SDLP hat and setting it to one side when considering connectivity throughout the United Kingdom and beyond. This could benefit us all.

“To characterise the Review as undermining devolution has no basis in fact. This could have a positive impact on routes north-south and onward into Great Britain. Her opposition is bizarre.

“The A75 and A77 roads from Cairnryan are of vital importance to Northern Ireland for exports and imports. Trade with Scotland and the North of England are important for the Republic of Ireland as well. I am glad that the UK Government is recognising the importance of these key routes. There is no sign of the SNP Government recognising their importance to Northern Ireland and committing significant funding to improve them. I never heard Nichola Mallon complaining when the EU was very sensibly prioritising transport corridors across its territory. So why is she complaining about the UK government continuing to do so?

“Air Passenger Duty will also be considered. A lot of focus is on a feasibility study into Boris’s bridge or tunnel between Northern Ireland Scotland, but your opposition or support for a project like that doesn`t mean that you throw the baby out with the bath water and dismiss the whole premise of the Connectivity Review. That would be very short-sighted and irresponsible.”

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