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Roy Speaks on Used Tyre Disposal Report at Assembly

Speaking on Tyre Disposal ReportThat this Assembly approves the interim report of the Committee for the Environment on its inquiry into the management of used tyres in Northern Ireland and calls on the Minister of the Environment to bring forward a timetable for implementing the recommendations contained in the report. Mr Beggs: As a former member of the Environment Committee, I remember coming across this issue a long time ago. I recognised at that time the potential for profiteering that could easily happen, it struck me, through the mishandling of the storage of tyres being recycled — or not recycled. I welcome the report that the Committee has made and the conclusions it has come to. The issue of ensuring that all sites are licensed is important. The public needs to be wary where illegal, unlicensed sites are used. There is a need to inspect licensed sites to ensure that … Continue reading

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Pastic Bag Tax debated at Assembly

Roy Contributes to Plastic Bag Tax debate Ulster Unionist MLAs have successfully carried an amendment regarding the proposed tax on single use carrier bags. Speaking during the Stormont debate, East Antrim MLA Roy Beggs Jnr said: “It is important that we focus on the environmental aspect of the purpose behind the levy. Originally, there was talk about a green new deal but that has gone by the wayside. No funding from this issue will go towards the green new deal as there is no proposal for a green new deal at present. In any case, I am concerned about the economics and the figures that are coming out. The administrative costs will be £820,000 a year. Surely, we must look at that very carefully to see how we can better manage such a proposal so that we are not simply raising money for more bureaucratic systems. Also, on the issue … Continue reading

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