Ulster Unionists Secure Safer Pedestrian Routes at Walnut Hollow

East Antrim Ulster Unionist Assemblyman Roy Beggs MLA and Cllr Maureen Morrow having pressed for pedestrian crossing points and improved access to bus stops on the Walnut Road / Killyglen Link have welcomed confirmation from Transport NI that improvements are being planned to delivered before the end of March.Walnut Hollow

Roy Beggs MLA said “Following concerns being raised by local constituents, I have been in contact with Transport NI for a number of months seeking improvements for pedestrians in the Walnut Road/Killyglen Link area.  I passed on the concerns of local parents regarding the on-going problem of speeding in the area.  I also sought assurances that pedestrian crossing points would be added, which would improve road safety.”

A Transport NI spokesperson responded stating:

“A speed survey has been undertaken and I will arrange for the results to be sent to PSNI for their consideration with a view to instigating enforcement.

Having received confirmation from Translink that the bus stops currently provided on Killyglen Link will not be relocating, a scheme is being prepared to improve pedestrian facilities and provide hard stand areas at the bus stops. With regards to the pedestrian crossing points on Killyglen Link at the mini-roundabout, revisions to the existing arrangement including the provision of a pedestrian refuge island, are also being considered.

It is envisaged that these works should be undertaken this financial year.”

Local Ulster Unionist Councillor Maureen Morrow concluded; “I welcome the assurances as outlined by Transport NI to improve the safety of road users and pedestrians in the Walnut and Killyglen Link area.  I had been made aware of concerns by local residents in relation to the safety of their children in the area while playing during the holiday periods, so hopefully the proactive actions in relation to speeding and pedestrian crossing points will make the area a safer place for all.

One of the issues highlighted to me was the poor pedestrian access that was provided to bus stops in this area.  Clearly there was a need for better footpath linkages to bus stops and for safer pedestrian crossing.   Planning and Community planning are being devolved to the new Council.  I would hope that this will enable better local decisions to be made when new development plans are submitted for consideration in the future”.

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