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Beggs supports Energy Saving Week 2017

East Antrim Ulster Unionist Party MLA Roy Beggs has added his support to the Energy Saving Trust’s 17th annual Energy Saving Week. Mr Beggs said “Homes in Northern Ireland could save nearly £7m per year by simply draught proofing windows and doors in their properties. Additional measures such as insulating pipes, upgrading heating controls, getting a new boiler and topping up your hot water cylinder, loft and wall insulation will save you money. You can also reduce electricity bills by avoiding standby and turning devices off, turning lights off, line drying clothes and choosing energy efficient appliances.” Grants are available in Northern Ireland to help with some of these measures. The Government run an affordable warmth scheme which may provide a package of energy-efficiency and heating measures if your household income is less than £20,000. The NIHE boiler replacement scheme also offers up to £1,000 grants for owner occupiers seeking … Continue reading

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SF’s refusal to form Executive blamed as vital health service plan gathers dust one year on

Former First Minister Arlene Foster, deputy Martin McGuinness and former Health Minister Michelle O’Neill with Professor Rafael Bengoa (right) at Stormont last year By Suzanne Breen October 26 2017 Sinn Fein has been accused of putting narrow party interests ahead of NHS patients as a report warned that big decisions on the health service couldn’t be made because no Executive is in place. An update one year on from the launch of the Bengoa Report revealed that some progress had been made on changing the way healthcare is delivered in Northern Ireland but it was mostly “preparatory and enabling work”. The report stressed that ministers had to be in place to implement the 10-year road map. “Whilst progress can continue to be made in bringing forward proposals for change, difficult decisions will be required, as set out by the Executive and the then minister (Michelle O’Neill) upon the launch of … Continue reading

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Roy Beggs: ‘Peter Robinson once referred to me as a loathsome creature. I think that said a lot more about him than …

UUP East Antrim MLA Roy Beggs By Claire McNeilly October 23 2017 The most probing interviews: Roy Beggs Jr, East Antrim UUP MLA, on disagreeing with his MP father over the peace process… and a close encounter with an angry cow. Q. You’re 55 and married to Sandra (“we’re of a similar age”), a former retail manager who now works as a part-time secretary in your constituency office. You have three children – Stewart (26), a dentist; Matthew (24), a civil engineer; and Amy (23), a final year dentistry student. You’ve been married for 28 years. How did you two meet? A. Our eyes met on the dance floor at a Young Farmers dance five years before we got married. We went to London and then Malta on honeymoon. Q. Your father and namesake Roy (81) is a retired school vice-principal and former East Antrim MP, and your (“slightly younger”) … Continue reading

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Watch: BBC’s Stephen Nolan taken aback by protester during live show

By Staff Reporter October 12 2017 A protester interrupted Nolan Live last night and started shouting during the programme. Stephen Nolan kept his cool and continued broadcasting. The man was accompanied out of the studio by security seconds later. He was speaking in a foreign accent and appeared to try to hand the BBC man papers, which Mr Nolan did not take. Mr Nolan was discussing the controversy surrounding DUP Stormont Speaker Robin Newton at the time. As the protester interrupts, Nolan jumps back in his seat and appears startled as the man approaches from the presenter’s left. However, he appears to relax as it becomes clear that the man is not a threat. Nolan told the man: “I think what you need to do is leave sir… Thank you – goodbye. “We have no idea who that was, but we will continue with our programme.” There was speculation on … Continue reading

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Swift removal of fallen tree made Carrickfergus Road safe, says MLA

The rapid response to a fallen tree on Carrickfergus Road, Larne, was indicative of the key role played by emergency services dealing with the impact of storm Ophelia. That’s the view of East Antrim UUP MLA Roy Beggs who has commended responders on duty on Monday of last week. Mr Beggs said: “On my way home I came across a fallen tree which blocked the full width of the Carrickfergus Road, Larne, making the road unpassable. I reported the fallen tree to Roads Service who were very swift in removing it and making the road safe.
“Emergency services and on-call maintenance staff including NIE, Roads Service, NIFRS, PSNI, the ambulance service and the front line health care professionals should be commended for their work during Ophelia in addition to council staff who quickly decided to open up council facilities in the likelihood of floods and storm damage to properties throughout the … Continue reading

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