Beggs leads service at Stormont

East Antrim MLA Roy Beggs has led the annual service of remembrance at the Assembly in his role as Deputy Speaker.

The MLA read a lesson, laid a wreath and led the last post ceremony, which took place in Stormont’s Senate Chamber.

Mr Beggs commented: “It was an honour to lead the service alongside Deputy Speaker Dallat MLA and Dr Malcolm McKibbin, the Head of the Civil Service. It is important that we remember the fact that so many of our forefathers sacrificed their tomorrow for our today.

“We will be forever in their debt and the living owe it to those who can no longer speak, to tell their story for them.”

The Ulster Unionist Party representative for East Antrim continued: “The Senate Chamber was used as part of the war effort during WW2, as an RAF operational HQ. Indeed, the first sighting of the Bismarck was reported to the Senate Chamber so it was very fitting that the service of remembrance was in this location.

“I also had great honour in laying a wreath during the service on this, the centenary of the start of the First World War (1914-1918), which saw many men from Ulster perform outstanding acts of heroism, especially at the Somme in 1916.”

Parliamentary reports show first speaker only - follow this lnk for the full transcription.
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