Casement Park overspend ‘enough to build five new primary schools’

Predicted overspending on the new Casement Park in West Belfast would fund five new primary schools, an Assembly member said.

No decision has been made about what proportion of the bill the taxpayer foots for the GAA venue, the senior civil servant at the Communities Department said.

The extra cost was due to design problems and follows delays caused by local residents’ opposition.

UUP Assembly member Roy Beggs said: “The additional £32 million pounds would build five brand new sizeable primary schools.

“This is a big amount of money and nobody knows where this is going so there is still risk and cost to the public purse.

“Is that not a poor way to manage any project?”

A view of Casement Park (Brian Lawless/PA)
A view of Casement Park (Brian Lawless/PA)



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