Defacing the North Gate is a crime

Anyone who causes damage to the North Gate in Carrickfergus may be committing a criminal offence, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency has warned.

The advice follows reports of anti-social behaviour at the historic town centre structure, according to East Antrim MLA, Roy Beggs Jr.

“I have been advised that the wall at the North Gate is being climbed upon, defaced and damaged,” Mr Beggs said.

“These actions afford little respect to the historic town centre wall and I would urge those responsible to desist immediately.

“Those who have climbed the North Gate wall are also exposing themselves to a real risk of serious injury. The area simply isn’t meant to be used in this way. I would urge anyone who spots anti-social behaviour in the area to contact the local neighbourhood police.”

ADOE spokesperson indicated the Environment Agency is working closely with Carrickfergus Council to make the most of the town’s heritage assets.

“NIEA is concerned with anti-social behaviour that could endanger the heritage and wellbeing of people in Carrickfergus and will continue to work closely with the council and other statutory bodies,” the spokesperson added.

“NIEA urges people not to climb on, deface or cause damage to the walls. In doing so not only do they risk their own safety but they may also be committing a criminal offence as the walls are a historic monument in state care.”

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